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About The Chef

     Hello, I am Chef Lemar Farrington. I was born and raised on the island of St.Thomas, U.S.V.I. I developed a love for food at the age of 10 and by the age of 18 had completed culinary training. For 20+ years I have honed my skills and continue to live out my passion for the culinary arts. Over the years I've developed a personal cooking style focused on maximizing flavor and marrying new ingredients with ones people are familiar with. 

 I have worked in 4-5 star restaurants, and hotels such as The Ritz Carlton, Hyatt Regency, and The Renaissance, as well as smaller restaurants that garnered attention and credibility and has allowed me to stay in touch with comfort food and gain a more personal approach to cooking while maintaining high standards. My philosophy about food is to "make it about the food!" This is an art that requires a high level of craftsmanship, and although speed, accuracy, and volume are important, a chef should not sacrifice quality for any of these. Chefs should always strive to focus attention on the food, because that’s what a chefs do, provide masterful food preparation!  

Chef Lemar has brought his expertise to many a special occasion as well as high profile clients like: Michael Pruitt of the Cleveland browns, Halle Berry, Lucy Liu, Little Wayne, Laila Ali, Anthony Hamilton, Matt Leblanc and others. He has also appeared in Fire in the Tringle cooking competition and Food Networks- Cutthroat Kitchen, as well as being featured in the Daily Tarheel, Indy week Magazine and other media outlets.

     Amalie(a) is a Personal chef service that allows me to bring five-star restaurant quality meals into the comfort of your own home . You can now relish in a luxury experience while you entertain, and the beauty of it all is that you can enjoy your own event without cooking and cleaning!

     As a pop-up dinner series Amalie(a) is based on my desire to bring attention and elevation to my home cuisine; that of the Caribbean. In doing these dinners, my passion is to bring people closer to the Caribbean, its ingredients, its culture, history, and at the same time bring acclaim to a cuisine that has, in my opinion, been overlooked, through thoughtful flavors, presentation, and an experience that delights and pleases.

Note: The capital of the Virgin Islands is Charlotte Amalie ( amalee-ah), this is the true pronunciation, Hence the stylized name Amalie(a). True pronunciation....true expression of Caribbean cuisine....that IS Amalie(a) 

Warmest Regards,

Chef Lemar